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1st-Impressions.dental carries out an extremely thorough examination and treatment planning process. We welcome patients who require second opinions (see below).

What does a check up include? Quite a lot, actually...

  • Reviewing your past notes and x-rays before you arrive.

  • A medical, social and dental  history.

    A 'soft tissue' examination for:

  • harmless conditions

  • pathological lesions (cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions and cysts)

    A 'hard tissue' examination for:

  • any malocclusion or alignment problems with your jaws or teeth.

  • the number and general condition of teeth present.

  • absent, malpositioned, submerged, unerupted or impacted teeth.

  • previous treatment activity relating to the teeth, including the location of restorations and the materials used.

  • the presence, degree of severity and location of any decay.

  • tooth mobility (including reason for the mobility and whether it is increasing).

  • the condition of any endodontically ­treated teeth or root pathology

  • signs of toothbrush wear (abrasion), acid erosion or grinding (attrition).

  • periodontal (gum) health assessment and any changes from the previous examination.

  • a six-point 'gum disease check' of every tooth for plaque, bleeding, recession and pocketing.

  • An assessment of your ability to speak, eat and the appearance of your teeth.

  • The condition and fit of any dentures.

  • Clinical photography and report.

  • Vitality testing of teeth if required.

  • A discussion with a fully-qualified clinician who will answer any questions you have.

  • Any emergency care necessary.

  • A fully-costed and illustrated quotation delivered by email within 24 hours or post, and valid for one month.

  • A dental plan assessment and quotation without obligation.

  • Liaising with your doctor and secondary care (hospital) if necessary.

...all for one fixed price of £58 inc.

Any necessary digital x-rays are included FREE.

Every check up includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental mirror and disclosing tablets FREE.

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To safeguard your general health, it is important that we know about your medical treatment. Please bring details of any tablets you are taking (including the contraceptive pill). Any information you give us is confidential.

Second opinion

Would you like a second opinion? Bring your existing treatment plan or quotation from your current dentist and we will review it FREE, including a full examination and report (including x-rays if necessary).

This is done confidentially without informing your current dentist (unless you ask us to). One of our fully-qualified clinical staff will answer any questions you have. You are under no obligation to have treatment at 1st-Impressions Dental and you are free to return to your dentist with our report if you wish.