In 2018 we started routinely sending out a post-treatment questionnaire. So far we have achieved 97.8% satisfaction!


5 Aug Satisfaction: 5/5 — Very pleased.

5 Aug Satisfaction: 5/5 — Excellent service, just be prepared to pay for the best.

1 Aug Satisfaction: 5/5 — Went in for teeth whitening which usually takes two days... Derek and his assistant stayed on after their working day to make the gum shield rather than have me wait 24 hours. Every time I use 1st-impressions, they go out of their way to make to make you comfortable...

29 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Super service. Fast and effective. Would recommend without reservation.

24 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Derek is simply the nicest dentist ever had. All treatment has been pain free and successful. Definitely recommend.

24 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — As always, excellent treatment. Thank you.

23 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Fantastic service from start to finish. Highly recommend.

22 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Excellent , professional dentist. No comparison, to the most private dentists in London. Very honest, which can be very rare, I highly recommend Mr Watson.

17 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Excellent dentist and dental services

9 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Derek and the team always always make a visit actually pleasurable

9 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Always feel comfortable when I see Derek, such a great dentist and very friendly

9 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Excellent really friendly and made me feel comfortable

5 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Very good - pleasant as usual

3 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — I have now moved from Broadstairs and changed both doctor and dentist to ones local to my new home. I want to thank you and your team for the healthcare you provided me and for providing a friendly, relaxed and indeed humorous environment. Wishing you all the best of luck.

3 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Thank you so much... top class service.

2 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Great dental practice, answers all my questions with good information.

2 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — A very positive and upbeat dental practice with highly skilled and considerate professionals.

1 Jul Satisfaction: 5/5 — Would like to say was the best dental experience ever and I don't like dentists as a rule !!!!! I was warmly greeted and having a tooth extracted was no bother to me at all no discomfort at all !!!!
26 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — As someone who is nervous when going to dentist Derek made me feel at ease throughout my treatment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone first class treatment

25 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — Such wonderful friendly service and always made to feel extremely welcome . Derek, Bridie and the whole team give such caring and expert advice. My daughter also looks forward to her visits as she’s able to get involved and have a good look at what’s happening when I’m being seen, no fear of the dentist here! Thank you again. I can not recommend this wonderful practice enough.

25 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — All good :D

24 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — What a fantastic experience - from the initial consultation to final treatment and all the steps in between, Derek and Louise have been fantastic. During every visit I was made to feel welcome & felt relaxed and reassured. Derek’s experience shone through; he certainly knows his stuff and is also very entertaining! They have transformed my smile and I can’t thank them enough.

21 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — I have very bad teeth and am nervous but have always been made to feel so at ease here , Today he made me smile again after enamel on front tooth chipped off !! Highly recommend 👍

14 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — I feel confident I'm getting the best treatment

7 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — Have always received a professional and friendly service from the team at first impressions.

6 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — I have severe anxiety when it comes to the dentist and was made so calm and comfortable. I am going to continue using this Dentist and have recommended them to all my family.

27 Feb — The treatment was professional and thorough, Derek the dentist was very helpful and pleasant throughout, as were his assistants. I had a crown made and fitted in 2 treatments. That was last year. So far, so good. Very happy with the service.


14 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — Derek is a friendly,professional dentist who explains everything clearly.

14 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — Great dentist!

12 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — I can't recommend this dentist enough they are extremely friendly, thorough and involve you in the treatment you receive. Derek is an excellent dentist and his supporting staff are amazing. 5* treatment every time.

12 Jun Satisfaction: 5/5 — All good

29 May Satisfaction: 5/5 — I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Dentist to anyone. I was very nervous about going for treatment but they put me completely at ease. They were very professional in all aspects of reception and the treatment carried out.

23 May Satisfaction: 5/5 — Really excellent client care and treatment!

17 May Satisfaction: 5/5 — Very friendly and professional practice, put me at ease instantly. Thanks!

15 May Satisfaction: 5/5 — All the staff were very nice and friendly and they booked me in on the same day for a check up. So they were very helpful.

15 May Satisfaction: 3/5 — Hygienist appointment was very good. I would only make a small suggestion to replace the plastic 'goodie' bags with a paper version and remove the plastic mirror inside. I'm not sure it's useful and just adds to plastic waste. Seems like a small thing, but every small change can make a bigger positive impact to the environment. :) [Note: we are actively considering this, not least because they cost 22p each!]

4 May Satisfaction: 5/5 — Really friendly service with great knowledge... highly recommend

20 Apr Satisfaction: 5/5 — As always I am very happy with my treatment. Derek makes me very relaxed and comfortable. He almost makes going to the dentist "fun".

17 Apr Satisfaction: 5/5 — I'm not a nervous patient but I am anxious about my teeth. I'm really pleased with the treatment and feel confident in an ongoing partnership where I will get the treatment I need. Thank you.

17 Apr Satisfaction: 5/5 — Always great service

11 Apr Satisfaction: 5/5 — Everyone is always friendly, happy and chatty! Makes for a relaxing atmosphere especially when you were previously horrified of even just the thought of the dentist!

10 Apr Satisfaction: 5/5 — Very helpful and friendly practice

9 Apr Satisfaction: 5/5 — Always helpful, friendly and professional. Thank you

28 Mar Satisfaction: 5/5 — Derek and the staff at 1st Impressions are very warm and welcoming in comfortable surroundings..

7 Mar Satisfaction: 5/5 — Times must be hard. No newspapers in the waiting area :-)  [Note: We have since re-instituted the daily newspapers in the waiting room].

7 Mar Satisfaction: 5/5 — Something to read in reception is always welcome

6 Mar Satisfaction: 5/5 — Impressions is amazing! I used to be terrified of going to the dentist but I feel robustly cheerful when I'm called in for an appointment. Terrific skill and sensitivity on the part of dentists, hygienists and the receptionist too! A cheerful and good-natured bunch of people do their utmost to make dental treatment acceptable to the patient. Congratulations all round.

28 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — Assays (Always) get excellent treatment here. They are very accommodating, friendly and professional.

23 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — Timely and professional service/treatment in response to a dental emergency. Highly recommended.

20 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — caring, attentive, polite and friendly staff.

19 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — Keep up, the good work. Will recommend to all

15 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — Alway happy with service and appreciate it always being punctual as often my appointments are in between work meetings. I like to feel that I am a diligent customer and always attend my appointments so i don't feel like I need as many reminders but I understand that this might not always be the case with other patients.

13 Feb Satisfaction: 1/5 — What a question! Of course I was unhappy.I wouldn't come back if I wasn't. I love being treated by indifferent,rude and unqualified people!  [<- Joke]

13 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — Thank you for making me feel at ease as I am always nervous All the staff are really friendly

10 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — great, friendly staff and very professional

9 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — I was a little nervous a first never been to a private dentist but they were very friendly and calming reasured me All the way through treatment highly recommend them

8 Feb Satisfaction: 5/5 — Excellent service by derek and his team each and every time. Although, i was disappointed i didnt get a bravery sticker this time. However, I am 49

26 Jan Satisfaction: 5/5 — Who knew over-brushing was such a factor !

In March 2017 as part of a routine Care Quality Commission inspection, we asked our patients to tell us about the practice, good or bad.

Download and read the CQC Report, via the CQC site.

Here are the 79 comments we received:

I was treated very well and very carefully.  the dentist was informative about my dental care and condition of my teeth.

good treatment, care, hygiene & respect


Always helpful and friendly staff, appointments run to time, great advice regarding dental care and treatment options are provided and explained but with no sales pressure. This practise is quite a way from where I live but I keep going back because I think they are great.

Caring staff, treated with dignity and respsct= positive. 

Environment is safe and hygenic.

I got the treatment I wanted and within a short timeframe.

Derek was very kind to the children and made them feel at ease. My son is a little nervous of the dentist usually, but was happy and co-operative! The recommendations were also very helpful about caring for the children's teeth. We were seen promptly and at a time that suited. Highly recommended practice and staff!

I used to be rather anxious about going to the dentist, but since I have been a patient at 1st Impressions I no longer dread appointments. The staff are excellent. I have had quite a lot of dental work here, including implants and teeth being capped. The surgery itself is pleasantly furnished and scrupulously clean

They delivered excellent care and did really listen to my concerns.  

 I am very nervous and have sensitive teeth , I was made to feel at ease and constantly asked if I was comfortable. Very caring staff that kept me informed of what was being carried out throughout my treatment.  They have restored my faith in visiting the Dentist again.

What a great practice,  staff always friendly and greets you with a smile.  Surgerys always clean .  Always listen to my problems and take my view into consideration. Appointments always available. 

I was treated very well by 1st Impressions. They have always listened and acted upon my needs. There environment always appears safe and hygienic. Staff are always caring and treat me with the upmost respect.

I feel I have had a very good service/treatment from 1st-impressions, I particularly like the contact I get regarding appointments etc.


Very good

All of the treatment I have received at 1st-impressions dental practice has been second to none. The staff are extremely welcoming and make me feel at home every time I attend. They listened about my fears and have helped me take great steps to reduce them. They have really changed my opinions on dentists as about 4 months ago I was extremely nervous now I no longer fear having work done.

I have always found first impressions Dental surgery, very curtious , polite and very professional at all times.

I have always felt I'm treated with dignity and respect and able to see there is excellent communication amoungst the whole team there.

I am always offered appointments quickly when ever I need them.

Excellent service !

Dental staff and receptionist are v caring, attentive and make you feel v welcome. Lead dentist has a cavaliar attitude, condescending and strongly pushes additional regular care at a price beyond justification. 

yes, very good overall care

Very good


good service, available appointments, hygienic environment, friendly personal

Yes always. Multiple appointments to have 8 dental implants


The staff are always friendly and welcoming and always put me at ease. Derek talks me through what procedures he's going to be doing, and why, and gives me further information to take back with me so I can look after my teeth. My previous dentist was awful, and uncaring - basically felt like a number to them, but with 1st Impressions I have always had first class service.

Excellent treatment, my fear of dentists was completely overcome by the help of Derek and his team, my treatment plan was brilliant and I am so pleased with the overall outcome of my new smile! I did not experience any pain at any time throughout my several appointments and the whole team were very attentive. Thank you so much. 

Emergency to refit a loose bridge.  Staff friendly and professional.  Have a positive fear of dentists but am listened to and treated only with kindness here.  

Yes all the staff were very caring and attentive.  I have a low gag reflex and everyone was very patient with me.  My dentist used a rubber dam which made the experience much more tolerable.

Professional.  Happy to discuss all aspects of treatment.  Environment clean and well-maintained.

Penny the practice manager always listens to your concerns and preferences and aims to balance the patient convenience and urgency of the problem.  I appreciate that she remembers to call us for our check-ups, and that she was able to book me in for urgent treatment when I had a tooth break.  Dentist treatment is friendly and professional, and I have been positively impressed by the new methods he uses, for instance the plastic protection sheet he uses to keep the tooth dry when working on it.  His emphasis on prevention is good, especially for my daughter.

From appointment arrangements through to treatment and next steps, staff were efficient, helpful, informative and treatment has been effective and painless!  Environment is bright and clean.  staff well presented and professional in appearance and behaviour.  Apologies treatment dates during 2016 is the best I can do - I don't have the dates of my appointments - this is a stupid question unless it relates to treatment recently completed.

Dentist provides reminder appts rather than expecting patients to remember when their next appt should be.  Low staff turnover means you are remembered which makes the welcome more sincere.  Dentist provides genuine guidance on how to look after your teeth.  I like the dental plan and knowing that treatment is pre paid.



Receptionist is friendly, professional & helpful. Practice is clean & hygienic

I understand that for confidentiality reasons that the reception areas is outside in the main hallway, but once you get through the door there is no privacy in terms of overheard conversations, the receptionist, hygenist & dentist areas are cubicles with partitions only about 6ft high so everything can be overheard. 

In terms of care & treatment, my 2 experiences with the dentist in 2016 were unsatisfactory. At my first checkup he spent approx 60secs on my teeth & the next 5 minutes trying to sell me a teeth bleaching kit. My second checkup consisted of an assessment &  him trying to sell me dental insurance. He then showed me how to brush my teeth & finished by saying that I didnt need a hygienist appointment as there was no plaque etc - so what was the point of teeth brushing lesson if I'm doing a great job currently? I'm actively looking for another dental practice.

I have always experienced a good service from this practice.  I believe the environment and hygiene are conducive to a very well run practice. 

Yes to all of the above questions

Excellent care  from the staff and very considerate and sensitive owing to my very nervous state of mind ( I dont like going to the dentist) but they were amazing and kind.

I have had a series of root fillings, crowns, and other work carried out this practice over the last few weeks. I was treated in an exemplary fashion at every stage of the process, from explanation of the dental X rays at the start to completion of the crowns at the end. I consider that the appropriate care was taken, and though not urgent in the way of a typical dental emergency, the necessary degree of importance was made clear to me. To my untrained eye, the practice appears clean, safe and hygienic.

I was made to feel very comfortable by all members of staff on my first visit. The problem I had with my tooth was explained to me and the treatment options, including a full breakdown of the cost. There was no pressure for me to make a decision at anytime. I am in fact undergoing treatment with 1st-Impressions as I was very impressed with the surgery. It was spotlessly clean and the dental surgeon was mindful of the importance of hygienic practice during my first  treatment.

Excellent service, really attentive staff who were very sympathetic to my fear of dentists. Great bunch of women thoroughly recommend. Very professional too!

I was fully satisfied with the treatment l received on two visits to 1st lmpressions in 2016.l was recommended to lst impressions after previously being advised l needed root canal treatment for a broken double tooth by another dentist.

Derek Watson advised l didn't need root treatment and fitted a crown without this treatment. My second visit was for a routine check up. On both visits the environment was safe and hygienic and the staff caring and respectful

As usual, the people I encountered on this occasion were friendly, polite and professional. A through explanation of the procedure was given and the treatment was efficient and pain free in a clean and hygienic environment.

very good practice attentive and hygenic

The staff was very polite, friendly and professional. They listened to my needs and comments carefully and responded to my great satisfaction. Their suggestions were appropriate and never pushy.

Professional and thorough Service which addressed all of my issues. Dentist washed his hands thoroughly and all utensils were clean. No problems whatsoever.

My dental care has been exemplary throughout my treatment at 1st-impressions dental. The staff is very caring, respectful and friendly. The environment is safe, very hygienic. Derek has been most attentive and understanding at all times. I have never had long waits to be seen.

The staff and treatment was great.  This is the first dentist that I have felt actually cares about me!

I have always had a big fear of dentists- resulting in avoiding them for years on end. After my first trip here, I felt relaxed and incredibly happy with the service provided. You are made to feel very welcome by all members of staff and Derek takes his time to find out your needs and explains what he is going to do. I could not recommend this dentist enough. 

Yes, at all times

I went to 1st Impressions after being let down by my NHS dentist. I was very impressed with the whole procedure and was reassured that my dental concerns could be corrected. All the staff were friendly and helpful and the office ambience was one of calm. I have recommended this practise to my friends as I more than happy with everything at 1st Impressions. As I am extremely scared of dentists because of past treatment ranging from my younger age .

Everyone from the practice starting with the caring very helpful receptionist , then being escorted to the chair by again a caring helpful, understanding assistant to the first meeting of the dentist was very comforting 

Derek Watson and his staff were friendly caring and professional. My treatment was pain free and comfortable. The surgery was clean and very hygienic and I was happy with my treatment and would return.

A very friendly and calming environment and staff making you feel well cared for. Only bad thing was the problems they where having with their computer system, but staff did very well to deal with the problem without alloing me to get stressed.

They were very caring and professional, I was always  treated with respect, the surgery was clean and well run. The staff were very helpful with all my question including many in oral hygiene.  I am unsure of the date as i do not keep a daily diary.

I have been a patient of 1st Impressions for some 15 years. I have always found the service to be excellent from a clinical and patient perspective. I have no complaints. Recent staff changes do not seem to have had any detrimental affect on the care that I have received.

I found the staff very friendly and caring. The surgery is always very clean and hygienic. The only problem i have is the latest capped tooth is causing some discomfort as food seems to get trapped easily sometimes between tooth and gum. I will be seeing the dentist in February so hopefully something will be done to rectify this. 

Yes I was treated exceptionally well. I was listened to and treatment given accordingly. The environment is safe and hygienic being properly disinfected after each patient. I found the treatment that I received from Mr Watson to be of a very high standard and he is now in the process of putting right the mistakes my previous dentist had made.

Yes I was treated with care and dignity. I was listened to and the right care given accordingly. The environment is safe and adequately disinfected after each patient.

I am a nervous patient who requires sedation for treatment. I found the staff to be very understanding regarding my fear, and treated me with respect and dignity at all times. I have no concerns regarding cleanliness and hygiene of the practice.

I attended 1st impressions dental care in Ramsgate during 2016. I joined the practice in April 2016, having initial consultations and then dental work through the Summer, with follow up sessions in the Autumn and early winter. I have found all staff to be professional, caring and efficient throughout all areas of the practice. I am not the most comfortable or confident dental patient, and Mr Watson and his team have kept me informed of all areas of my treatment, from initial planning through to the appointments themselves with consideration, sufficient information for me to be aware of my treatment and to be able to make informed choices. 

During dental work, their professionalism and caring has been paramount at all times and I have felt more "relaxed" in their care than in any other dental provider. 

I am very pleased to continue to be a member of their practice and have recommended them to others.

The staff were excellent, kind and polite.  They were cheerful and put clients at their ease.  The environment was definitely safe and hygienic.  My needs were listened to, adhered to and respected.  My whole mouth has never felt better.  I completely messed up one appointment and was unable to relay this to them being involved in a car crash,  they were understanding and did not charge for my mistake.  Its a very well run practice.  I cannot remember the exact dates for the second question as I was seen throughout September and October 2016 on a course of treatment.

Good overall experience and treatment.

Great team. both dentists excellent, friendly staff, good appointment times, clean premises well situated for all of Thanet and outlying areas, good parking. Wonderful change from inadequate NHS treatment previously.  Started treatment in August/September 2016, next appointment this month.


I have always found (and continue to find) all the staff and facilities to be first class.  I would not return to a dentist if I did not feel this was the case.  I now live in Folkestone but drive for nearly an hour to this dentist because I value their expertise.

Yes in every respect! This is the case on every visit.


I have needed treatment on several occasions in recent months. I was able to see the dentist promptly in what appeared to be a clean, hygienic and safe environment. I was dealt with in a very pleasant, friendly and caring manner by the dentist and his assistant and am completely satisfied with the outcome of my treatment.  

All team members have demonstrated not only an appropriate level of dignity and respect, but ensured that any concerns are appropriately addressed.  Whilst I have visited 1st Impressions dental several times throughout the past 12 months, I have not observed anything from either an environment or from practice perspective, that has caused me to have any concerns with regard to hygiene or any other aspects of their activity.  My last attendance was to finish off some root canal treatment, that was performed in response to an emergency request.  Derek and the other members of the team, ensured that I was treated with the greatest urgency, for which I am most grateful

Yes to all the above at all visits


Safe, hygienic, reliable and informative. 

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel that I have had good treatment.

I cannot praise this surgery enough I am an extremely nervous patient and they were very kind and considerate even to the point where, as I had anaesthetic they accompanied my wife and myself to our boat to assist in getting me back on board

Nothing but praise for the practice, professional, understanding & efficient.

The surgery is bright and spacious and the staff are always friendly and polite. I am happy with the treatment I have received; I have not experienced any actual dental work to date (i.e. fillings) but have received good oral health care and advice.  I would like to see less staff changes and an increase in appointment availability. Currently the hygienist only works one day a week. 

I have been a patient at First Impressions for several years. I have always found the quality of care exceptional. The staff are friendly and helpful to answer any questions that come up as part of treatment. I have seen improvements in the practice over the last year moving forward with technology.  I would recommend First Impressions to anyone seeking dental care in the area.

Exceptional caring respectful staff, always polite, the dental practice is always very clean, very happy with all the treatment I have received.

The Standard of this Dentist is excellent in every need.

Always call to remind of when apts due.  Usually get prompt appt.  always get an emergency appt. if necessary. Polite, efficient, friendly

Other comments:

"Thank you for the information about your closing hours. I also want to thank everyone for looking after me so well. I'd like also to wish you and your collegues a well earned rest  and a lovely Christmas and a peaceful 2017. At least over there your close to the shops!!" BK (Dec 2016)

"I would first just like to say a massive thank you for the treatment I received yesterday. I was very apprehensive about attending due to a everlasting fear of the dentist! As soon as I arrived I was greeted in such a welcoming manner and straight away felt at home. Derek gave me great advice regarding my brushing and dietary habits that I need to change. I was extremely please to be fitted in to start treatment right away! You truly have helped with my nerves regarding dental treatment and strangely I am eager to get the rest of the treatment underway and finished! Once again thank you ever so much for your help and assistance yesterday! Kindest Regards," DK (Dec 2016)

"I wanted to thank you again for being so amazing ! The experience on Friday was above and beyond anything I could have expected and I was really touched by your kindness.  It made such a difference.  Thank you." CF (Nov 2016)

"Dear Derek, It was a pleasure meeting you, I never thought I would say that to a dentist. I was very impressed with you and your service. ... I wish I had come to you much earlier. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I hear wants a good dentist in the area. With kind regards, SE (Nov 2016)"

"Having thought about the state of my teeth for years, I could not afford to have them whitened, but saw an advert for that would do the job for £99, an amount I could afford. I am so glad I got them whitened as they are 100% better-looking now and all the staff were very nice and totally professional.
"I can also now top-up my whitening as and when I want to in the comfort of my own home.
"I would recommend this simple treatment to anyone especially older people with age-yellowing, as it makes you feel more confident smiling."

"Excellent. Highly recommended. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. The care and treatment is excellent as too is the professionalism of all staff. I was treated by Dr Colin Logan, a wizard in dentistry; you cannot get better. Penny, the receptionist, was kind and attentive; she put me at ease and guided me through the treatment. Many thanks to you all." HazelH-6 10 Mar 2016

"Having only lost a filling the evening before going away. I was recommended to try their service. A very quick appointment, nice welcome and a quick result.
I can highly recommend this practice."
 HebeC 18 Jan 2016

"Further to our discussions...last night, I can give you the best dental practice in Kent. Please phone 01843 598696, you may speak to Penny, you could ask for Colin Logan, I`m sure they will be able to sort out quickly the problem. (As you know they did with K). The company is called 1st Impression near Westwood Cross."

In April 2016 we asked our patients what they thought about (and how we could improve). All of the following quotes are taken from the on-line replies, without any amendments or editing...

"I found the practice to be running exactly as I expected." AK

"I have never been so impressed with a dentist. Please continue what you are doing!" DH

"Experience was great. Much more personal and enjoyable than NHS practice. Friendly and approachable staff." ER

"Continue with good quality of patient care. Good treatment of nervous patients is important, so unrushed atmosphere is what I look for." MM

"Nothing I can think of at present. Having always been a nervous patient addressing this has always been most important to me. Thank you." ABS

"No improvement needed for me—excellent service as always" LT

"I have been very happy since being recommended to 1st Impressions and there is nothing I would change." MH

"I've been very satisfied with First Impressions services over several years. The only thing I could suggest was an online booking system, but overall the service is excellent!" ML

"I had not been to a dentist for many years prior to coming to this practice due to a bad experience years earlier at another practice. The staff have been wonderful, they know my foibles and hatred of pain, and keep calm whilst I change my appointment date countless times due to work or family situations. I can not recommend this practice enough." BD

"I'm very happy with your practice!" BK

"Carrying on as you are suits me!" DB

"When I first came to look around was rather concerned with open plan treatment areas. Need not have worried as my treatment went well, but this may put potential new patients off. Once again cannot thank you enough for dealing with me a very nervous and anxious patient in such a kind and professional way." CH

"Seems OK to me!" DM

"All good..." CF

"If there was (any way you could improve) I'd say, but am very happy with all. We are all pressured by costs but what a private practice gives me is choice. Thanks." KS

"Love the goodie bag I got this year's visit. So many changes to an already super practice. I'm willing to travel again next year. Thank you." HJ

"I feel very comfortable in your clinic and can't suggest any improvements." PMc

"I am generally happy with your services as-is."  GP

"Overall, I have been a happy customer for many years." SC

"I am pleased so far." BF

A big 'Thank You' to all of our patients who took the time to respond.