Give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted is pleased to offer aesthetic orthodontics, using Smilelign clear aligners.

Smilelign orthodontic aligners give you the straight smile you always dreamed of. It replaces the need to use metal braces and wires and is practically invisible, so people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened. Smilelign enables you to be confident, look great and smile better.

Teeth straightening, known within dentistry as Orthodontics, traditionally used metal brackets and ugly wires to straighten your teeth. By contrast Smilelign is an invisible orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest technology on the UK dental market. Smilelign's revolutionary clear brace aligner gives you the straight smile you always dreamed of. Smilelign is practically invisible, so people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened.

With the Smilelign evaluation process, you’ll know where you’re going before you even begin. Your evaluation purchase includes a full treatment plan, showing how your teeth will move with each set of aligners. There’s a reason that thousands have chosen invisible aligners to straighten their teeth—the privacy of clear braces means no one has to know you’re making a change until your transformation is complete. We will closely supervise and monitor the entire process, fitting every new retainer.

How does it work?

  1. At your first visit we will explain how clear orthodontic aligners can straighten your teeth. Should you decide at this stage this is not what you want, or we find that aligners are not for you, then this visit is FREE.

  2. If you decide to proceed to the second visit we will take impressions of your teeth and send them to Smilelign for treatment planning. At the laboratory your teeth will be digitised and a CAD-CAM system used to align your teeth on-screen. Smilelign will send us back

    • a fully-costed treatment plan including the number of aligners required for each jaw

    • a 3D animation of your teeth being straightened for you to see

    • a set of passive aligners for you to try out.

      After trying out the passive aligners, if you decide not to proceed, then we will give you 10 tubes of max-strength 16% professional tooth-whitening gel (RRP £249) to cover your expense and you can use your passive aligners to carry out a course of at-home tooth whitening.

  3. If you are keen to proceed, then we will ask Smilelign to make you a series of clear orthodontic aligners. When the first aligner is fitted we may remove small amounts of enamel (typically 0.25mm) to create the space for alignment. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and moves your teeth approximately 0.3mm. Treatment typically takes 8-10 months in total. You are expected to wear your aligners full-time (night and day). You will take them out only for eating and cleaning your teeth. You will need to wear upper and lower aligners even if only one jaw is being aligned.

  4. Once your teeth are aligned, we will cement a permanent retainer to prevent them moving back to their old position. You will also need to wear a clear retainer initially full-time and later during the night only. When you have finished your treatment we will give you 10 tubes of professional tooth-whitening gel (RRP £249) to use in your retainer(s).

The total cost of Smilelign varies depending whether we treat one arch/jaw or two, and the severity of your crowding (see fees). We will give you a detailed, fixed quotation after stage 2.


  • Consultation visit.

  • Treatment planning and diagnosis visit including impressions

  • Tooth reduction and first aligners

  • One visit every two weeks during treatment to fit new aligner(s).

  • Tooth whitening, fixed retention and your first clear retainer(s) included on completion.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Get 0% finance on all SmileLign treatments (subject to acceptance)—see Fees.