If you wear dentures, you'll know how important it is that they fit comfortably and look good. Poorly-fitting or worn out dentures can make your life a misery and damage your teeth and gums. At, you can have a new set of life-like acrylic dentures, the same day, at no extra cost!

Visit us before 10am—and take away your new dentures made by the dentists and technicians on-site, the same day. To learn about and book your Dentures-in-a-Day, come along for a FREE no-obligation initial consultation. is adjacent to a dental laboratory. This enables us to eliminate the delay caused by delivering the part-finished dentures to and from the laboratory up to 10 times over a period of several weeks. We just walk next door—where a fully-qualified and experienced dental technician is waiting to take your work straight to finish within hours instead of weeks.

This service is particularly suitable if:

  • You need acrylic / plastic dentures (metal-based ones take slightly longer)
  • You want to save time and visits and reduce time off work
  • You or a relative have lost a denture and need an urgent replacement
  • You have broken your denture and need an urgent repair
  • Your denture is loose or ill-fitting and you don't want to be without it


All removable prosthetics (dentures) are designed to fit accurately and be comfortable. Our priorities are appearance, function and speech. Unlimited adjustments and aftercare for dentures are included in our packages.

FAST Repairs

If your denture is ill-fitting or broken, or needs relining/rebasing or additional teeth adding, we offer a prompt repair and reconditioning service. Depending on the nature of the work required, we will ensure that you are without your denture for the minimum time possible and, if booked in advance, most repairs and relines can be done while you wait.

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