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If you wear dentures, you'll know how important it is that they fit comfortably and look good. Poorly-fitting or worn out dentures can make your life a misery and damage your teeth and gums. At, anybody can have a new set of dentures, the same day!

Visit us before 10am—and take away your new dentures made by the dentists and technicians on-site, the same day. To learn about and book your Dentures-in-a-Day, come along for a FREE no-obligation initial consultation.

technical expertise

Do you have a gap to fill in your life? We can make every type of denture, from gum-supported acrylic right up to tooth-supported metal-based frameworks. We can incorporate your existing teeth or make arrangements to replace teeth at the time they are extracted.

We can make dentures which are attached to your existing teeth using precision attachments; or implant-supported dentures or bridges. Call us to discuss options free of charge.

High quality

All removable prosthetics (dentures) are designed to fit accurately and be comfortable. Our priorities are appearance, function and speech. Unlimited adjustments and aftercare for dentures are included in our packages.

Prompt service

We have a dental laboratory next door, which means we can liaise with our technicians hourly. This cuts down dramatically on the time it takes to plan, make and fit dentures and other prostheses by approximately 50 per cent compared to other practices.

FAST Repairs

If your denture is ill-fitting or broken, or needs relining/rebasing or additional teeth adding, we offer a prompt repair and reconditioning service. Depending on the nature of the work required, we will ensure that you are without your denture for the minimum time possible and most repairs can be done while you wait.