If you play hard, you need the right protection and teeth are no exception. A blow to the face or mouth can easily knock out a front tooth or two and if your teeth are forced together suddenly they will get broken or chipped or they may snap below gum level. Prevention is the best form of defense.

1st-Impressions.dental mouthguards are individually made to fit your mouth. This is essential, because when the blow comes, the mouthguard needs to stay where it is needed, protecting your teeth. (The first thing that a knock will do to a cheaper mouthguard is knock it out of your mouth!)

Secondly, the force needs to be distributed evenly over your teeth and jaws to neutralise it. If your mouthguard only touches a few teeth, then you'll just break another tooth further back.

Professionally-made mouthguards are recommended for all contact sports and any other activity that might cause a dental injury (

PLUS for a limited period you can get your mouthguard customised with your team colours, mascot or logo at no extra cost.

If you play a contact sport, have a look at our prices for mouthguards. Then have a look at the cost of the alternatives—a crown, extraction, root treatment or implant!

1st-Impressions.dental professional mouthguards can be made in as little as 48 hours. If you have any questions, just ask.

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